Trapped inside a box
Just me and my thoughts
Terrified of this storm inside
It’s the one that keeps me up all night
Four walls and a gleam, not enough…

Dark soul in this body, cold
The demon, not in my control
I’m in chains, hoping for an escape
The hope in this world is not enough…

Losing my sight to what’s outside
Used to this black, afraid of white
The one color I see, that’s all I know
To live, to survive, black is not enough…

Deprived, and hallucinating
Sleep, that’s what I need
Shutting the lids won’t give the bliss
And a few hours of sleep is not enough…

Who am I or should I say “what”
Human? Animal? Or just a thought?
Is it how I think it is or it’s just in my head?
Amount of control I have over it, not enough…

Been a while, haven’t even seen what shadow
It left the body alone, couldn’t take it anymore
What happened?
A million questions, but answers? Not enough…

Losing all my senses, not in a right state of mind
Tried to find the happy place, it’s far behind
Can’t remember, it’s unclear
Blurred vision in my condition is not enough…

Is this war ever going to end?
The clash of an angel with my demon ‘friend’
I need the right by my side
To win, the positivity on mind, not enough

Guess, this is it, how it’s gonna be
No sanity to pull me out, set me free
Breathing, but a walking dead
It’s a tragedy, the remedy, not enough…

Wide awake, it’s still dark, shiver
My thoughts is all I can hear
Thought it’s all a dream but it’s not
Though a pinch on the skin was worth a shot…

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