Till the end…

Yes, you’ve been through a lot in your life.
Be it your work, your health, dealing with problems you can’t tell, parenting, or doing what you have to but you don’t like.
The good times and the bad,
The happy times and the sad,
The worst, the best,
Those days without any rest,
The things you feel inside,
The feelings you prefer to hide,
Anything and everything in your life,
But you’re still keeping up the fight,
And that’s what matters….

When you feel nobody’s there,
Always know people care,
You got friends, you got family,
You got people who’d die for you happily,
Talk to them when you feel low,
What good comes out, you never know.

You just have to cope,
Don’t lose hope,
Yes, I’m no person to tell you to do anything, who am I tell how to deal?
But if you’ve been strong till now and don’t just give up until…
You find what you’re fighting for, the satisfaction inside,
Until then, I’m just saying, Keep fighting the fight.


Always Keep Fighting.

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