Talking to the Moon.

A full moon in the sky,
The only light, with a smile,
“We haven’t talked in years”, she said, looking at his face,
When after ages she sat alone on terrace,
He didn’t say a word, didn’t look back,
Guess, time was the culprit which made him mad,
She gazed into his eyes and asked if he was alright,
“Shouldn’t it be me, asking that?”, he finally replied.
Lowered the lashes, as she realized,
He’s the one from whom she can never hide.

“Look at me, in your eyes I dwell,
What your words can’t express, I can tell.”
She looked up again, calm was her mind,
Asleep were the thoughts which kept her up at night,

Stuck in the moment, she thought to herself,
“Why don’t I do this everyday?
What’s that I do that we have no time for this bliss?
The speed, the need, the greed,
Is it all worth what I miss?”
The view was perfect and so was the night,
On her face, fell moon’s light,
Stars, the sky and her silence,
And the love with whom she smiled.


“What is it that you do?”, her heart cried.
“I can see right through you”, the moon replied.

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