You know you can do this,
No, you don’t have it in you,
You have to keep fighting,
But you are going to lose,
Listen to your heart,
Do you even have one?
Look at the stars amidst the dark,
Just like them, you too, will fall.

Don’t be a fool, that’s not right,
There’s a blade, give it a try,
What about people who love & care,
They’re in the head, not actually there,
Go out, meet new people, experience new things,
Sleep. They’re in the drawer, the pills,
The root you of your suffering is attachment,
Let go, the key is detachment,
You’re strong, you have been all these years,
Why are you always on the verge of tears?

A dauntless, timid.  An adult. A kid.
The fire, the chill. A heartless, the feels.
Love? Don’t deserve.
Escape? Don’t have the nerve.
What to do? What’s it going to be?
Forever in cage or ready to set free?

Mirror! Look, what’s staring back.. 
Ugly. Useless. A disappointment,
Words nobody understands,
Run away!
You just have to start living,
Just embrace the death,
I can’t shut these,
These… voices in my head.


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